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From this SWOT Analysis I am able to review my weaknesses and how to turn them to strengths, so that the threats will not happen. I should also try and avoid the things that will not make me succeed and instead do the things that will make me succeed.




Job Position ; Fashion Marketing Manager


Fashion marketing managers oversee the branding and advertising of a company’s new or existing products. They are often tasked with monitoring consumer reactions to marketing campaigns and products. It is also common for fashion marketing managers to be in charge of a team. Individuals working as a fashion marketing manager often help create advertising campaigns and branding efforts.

As part of their usual responsibilities, fashion marketing managers assist their employers with analyzing advertising campaigns and monitoring brand quality. Positions with larger companies or corporations often require fashion marketing managers to monitor the reactions of customers and retail outlets to new products and brand initiative. They may be required to travel extensively in order to prepare new store openings. Fashion marketing managers are also in charge of branding and marketing new products.

Education Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in marketing, management or business administration is the minimum level of education necessary.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Employers might be willing to hire candidates without degree who have substantial employment experience in marketing, management or the retail industry.


When I was going through different job ads I realized I do not have most of this qualities because I do not have much experience, but the few I have is with the help of this course in general.

This job advertisement I chose is in a fashion industry. The position is that of a Fashion marketing manager. I chose this because I would love to influence and motivate people with my decisions and I also would like to be involved in the fashion world.







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