Module 3

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Below are the ways we delegated tasks among ourselves.

Start by asking people how they study best: (15) (Laura)

  • Let them go to a corner: writing, reading, listening, speaking out loud to yourself/someone else
  • Discuss: why is this the best study method, how do you study (said in detail)

Let students compare notes with neighbors for a while (10) (Gijs)

  • Discuss the differences in notes (computer/handwritten, sentences/key words, abbreviations….)
  • Why are notes necessary?

Why is class important? (seating) (5) (Ayo)

Studying (alone or with friends?) (5) (Ayo)

Let students stand up/sit down depending if they study alone (sit) or in group (stand)

  • Sources discuss (5)

Reading text (15) (together)

How do you solve this? Which method do you use?

  • Let them analyze it for 10 minutes, talk about it with neighbors.
  • Discuss together (how did they analyze it, how did they read it….) (Gijs)

Summarize (10 – 15) (together)

  • First general, then let them summarize the article (Ayo)
  • Exercise ICCS: using scheme similarities & differences (Laura)
  • Conclude: what is the best way to summarize? Which aspects are important (Gijs)

Reflecting, checking, memorizing (5) (Laura)

  • How important is it? Does anybody do this? Why (not)?


Self-reflection chairperson (group leader)


Date of learning group: 14 November, 2016.

Theme : MODULE 3






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