Module 4

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I have had trial exams in both German and Intercultural communication skills. After the first test in German for example, the lecturer said I passed very well, I was actually expecting that feedback because I really studied for the test. Also for ICS I did well and after writing that test I had a good idea of how he sets his questions for both multiple questions and open questions. What writing these two tests I realized that one will not fail if you follow what your lecturer said in class or the specific places they said we should read, and for me the time duration was okay, but some people complained of not enough time.

Also from the tests and different mock exams we have done in class I learnt that our lectures have their own different ways of setting an exam and that we just have to read, be determined and focused to have a good result, because if I follow the lectures instructions and study well I should have a good result.


Well for the trial exam I did not really have any expectations, I just prepared like I should have and accepted it the way it came.

For preparation it was not really easy because I had both German and ICS test on the same day but I tried my best to prepare for both.

During the test I did not have any problem because the class was quiet and I finished within the specific time.

The test and trial exam helped me a lot because I now have an idea of how the exam will be like for the different courses.



I was one of the scribes for this module and below is the minutes:





Date:  28/11/2016 Venue:  KNT.L.01.05
Start: 1:15 pm End: 2:45 pm



Present Helgascot Achuo Mih, Santiago Alviz Palacio, Julie De Bie, Laura Dendauw, Orphée Dewaegemaker, Hilyas Dinzad, Hellen Durinck, Farai Goriyati, Gijs Janssen, Jan Kempeneers, Sebastiaan Kerckhaert, Korneel Lams, Louisette Nyssen, Peiyang Wang
Absent Kasper Van den Broeck
Chairs Luca Burigat, Dante Descamps, Promish Joshi
Secretaries Luna Lannoy Alcántara, Ayokunmi Akindele, Mayaba Ignatius Edum



  1. Introduction: second year IBM students
  2. Open questions and types of exams in general
  3. Multiple choice questions
  4. Trial exam
  5. Day of the exam
  6. After the exam
  7. Exam planning




  1. Introduction:

–  Second year students from IBM (Elke and Thibault) recommend to study from the slides and understand, not just remember by heart.



Self-reflection note taker


Date of learning group:

Theme: MODULE 4



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