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Presently I think I am an entrepreneurial manager, most people have always dreamt of being a manager or having their own business, but not me. When I started this program I had no desire for anything business related, but later own I looked at all my possibilities, talents and how creative I am, I put all this together and realized what I wanted to do after getting my bachelors, and this made me conclude that am pretty sure I am an entrepreneurial manager. I would like to have my own business and to achieve this I must have entrepreneurial skills, I presently possess some of the skills such as, persuasion, relational sensitivity, passion, resoluteness and creativity, I also need to work on achieving the remaining skills during this study program to become very successful.


Difference Between Being An Entrepreneur And Being Entrepreneurial

An entrepreneur is someone that starts his own business, he comprehends the venture for his individual satisfaction and has personal stake in it. They thrive on change and have a natural predisposition to showing initiative and willingly accept personal responsibility for projects. They harness all available resources within their scope in order to achieve success on their own terms. While being entrepreneurial manager is having desire to live a life of significance, they have the desire to create meaning and being deeply committed to work.


This module was very helpful to me because it made me see myself in another way, it op0ened my eyes to the business and managerial world in general. I was able to know the abilities I possess and able to differentiate between them, for example the part about creativity it widened my knowledge about it and made me see it in another aspect, also about the other competences I need to work on. It also made me know the stage I am now when I compare my personality trait with that of an average manager.




Her name is Adiat Disu the owner of Adiree, an international full service boutique based in New York, NY with a focus on fashion, beauty, art and home decorations.


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