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About Me

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I am Ayokunmi Akindele by name. I am 20 years old and I am a Nigerian. I live in Belgium together with my family. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. Myself, my mum and my siblings came to live in Belgium in the year 2015 to live with my dad who has been here since 2014. I am a student of Artevelde University College and I am in my first year studying International Business Management. I also have my hobbies and things am really passionate about. My hobbies are singing, dancing, listening to music and reading novels. What I find most passionate is drawing, well specifically in designing clothes. I am not that social but I am a very friendly person and I love going to church. I love hanging out with my friends and family.

What I find very cool and relaxing is sitting together with my family in the evening and talking about what we encountered (challenges and exciting things) that day. So I guess this is all there is to know about me.

Self Reflection

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For this module i was a chairperson together with Gijs and Laura and the module we had to present was module 3. We got each other’s numbers and formed a group chat on the social media, so as to discuss about the module and what it entails. Later on we came together and discussed more and printed out the exercises we were going to share in class. We delegated responsibilities among ourselves. We thought of ways to make the class interesting and important topis to ask in order to have everyones input. After all this i realised i had great team members because i had the opportunity to work with nice and intelligent people and they really had great ideas.



When i first realized that was going to be a chairperson, i felt very uncomfortable and weary because i do not like speaking in public. Going through the module it really helped me and improved my studying techniques. It learnt new ways of studying. Luckily for my group we had a topic that was pretty much about studying generally, with the questions we prepared for the section and the way we asked it, everyone had something to say. At first as i said earlier on, it was not easy for me because i was nervous and this made me forget somethings i was supposed to say, but later on with the help of my team mates i relaxed a little bit and went with the flow. I thought we did pretty good actually.



For the learning sessions in general and the topics in the modules after attending and studying, i realizes it made a positive impact in my studies and everyday life. For example before i was not much of a planner i just take the day as it goes, but after the module on planning i started making plans for the present and future and it is very good. I also need to improve on my participation in class, even though i don’t like speaking publicly i need to really work on this. This course has made me develop lots of skills which will be of great use to me in the future.



For being unable to speak in the public, i think i need to be more open and courageous and maybe by speaking to different people. This will help me to be more open and participate fully in classes.



The reason for studying IBM is to become an entrepreneur. To achieve this i need to work on my social skills because developping good social skills should be done by good practising and also by studying. I also need to improve my network skills and putting what i have learnt to good use in order to be a good manager/entrepreneur.



Module 4

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I have had trial exams in both German and Intercultural communication skills. After the first test in German for example, the lecturer said I passed very well, I was actually expecting that feedback because I really studied for the test. Also for ICS I did well and after writing that test I had a good idea of how he sets his questions for both multiple questions and open questions. What writing these two tests I realized that one will not fail if you follow what your lecturer said in class or the specific places they said we should read, and for me the time duration was okay, but some people complained of not enough time.

Also from the tests and different mock exams we have done in class I learnt that our lectures have their own different ways of setting an exam and that we just have to read, be determined and focused to have a good result, because if I follow the lectures instructions and study well I should have a good result.


Well for the trial exam I did not really have any expectations, I just prepared like I should have and accepted it the way it came.

For preparation it was not really easy because I had both German and ICS test on the same day but I tried my best to prepare for both.

During the test I did not have any problem because the class was quiet and I finished within the specific time.

The test and trial exam helped me a lot because I now have an idea of how the exam will be like for the different courses.



I was one of the scribes for this module and below is the minutes:





Date:  28/11/2016 Venue:  KNT.L.01.05
Start: 1:15 pm End: 2:45 pm



Present Helgascot Achuo Mih, Santiago Alviz Palacio, Julie De Bie, Laura Dendauw, Orphée Dewaegemaker, Hilyas Dinzad, Hellen Durinck, Farai Goriyati, Gijs Janssen, Jan Kempeneers, Sebastiaan Kerckhaert, Korneel Lams, Louisette Nyssen, Peiyang Wang
Absent Kasper Van den Broeck
Chairs Luca Burigat, Dante Descamps, Promish Joshi
Secretaries Luna Lannoy Alcántara, Ayokunmi Akindele, Mayaba Ignatius Edum



  1. Introduction: second year IBM students
  2. Open questions and types of exams in general
  3. Multiple choice questions
  4. Trial exam
  5. Day of the exam
  6. After the exam
  7. Exam planning




  1. Introduction:

–  Second year students from IBM (Elke and Thibault) recommend to study from the slides and understand, not just remember by heart.



Self-reflection note taker


Date of learning group:

Theme: MODULE 4


module 5

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Presently I think I am an entrepreneurial manager, most people have always dreamt of being a manager or having their own business, but not me. When I started this program I had no desire for anything business related, but later own I looked at all my possibilities, talents and how creative I am, I put all this together and realized what I wanted to do after getting my bachelors, and this made me conclude that am pretty sure I am an entrepreneurial manager. I would like to have my own business and to achieve this I must have entrepreneurial skills, I presently possess some of the skills such as, persuasion, relational sensitivity, passion, resoluteness and creativity, I also need to work on achieving the remaining skills during this study program to become very successful.


Difference Between Being An Entrepreneur And Being Entrepreneurial

An entrepreneur is someone that starts his own business, he comprehends the venture for his individual satisfaction and has personal stake in it. They thrive on change and have a natural predisposition to showing initiative and willingly accept personal responsibility for projects. They harness all available resources within their scope in order to achieve success on their own terms. While being entrepreneurial manager is having desire to live a life of significance, they have the desire to create meaning and being deeply committed to work.


This module was very helpful to me because it made me see myself in another way, it op0ened my eyes to the business and managerial world in general. I was able to know the abilities I possess and able to differentiate between them, for example the part about creativity it widened my knowledge about it and made me see it in another aspect, also about the other competences I need to work on. It also made me know the stage I am now when I compare my personality trait with that of an average manager.




Her name is Adiat Disu the owner of Adiree, an international full service boutique based in New York, NY with a focus on fashion, beauty, art and home decorations.


Self-reflection group member

Date of learning group:

Theme: MODULE 5





















Module 3

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Below are the ways we delegated tasks among ourselves.

Start by asking people how they study best: (15) (Laura)

  • Let them go to a corner: writing, reading, listening, speaking out loud to yourself/someone else
  • Discuss: why is this the best study method, how do you study (said in detail)

Let students compare notes with neighbors for a while (10) (Gijs)

  • Discuss the differences in notes (computer/handwritten, sentences/key words, abbreviations….)
  • Why are notes necessary?

Why is class important? (seating) (5) (Ayo)

Studying (alone or with friends?) (5) (Ayo)

Let students stand up/sit down depending if they study alone (sit) or in group (stand)

  • Sources discuss (5)

Reading text (15) (together)

How do you solve this? Which method do you use?

  • Let them analyze it for 10 minutes, talk about it with neighbors.
  • Discuss together (how did they analyze it, how did they read it….) (Gijs)

Summarize (10 – 15) (together)

  • First general, then let them summarize the article (Ayo)
  • Exercise ICCS: using scheme similarities & differences (Laura)
  • Conclude: what is the best way to summarize? Which aspects are important (Gijs)

Reflecting, checking, memorizing (5) (Laura)

  • How important is it? Does anybody do this? Why (not)?


Self-reflection chairperson (group leader)


Date of learning group: 14 November, 2016.

Theme : MODULE 3